Soda starts off by thinking from context. According to the bureau's vision, a design is relevant if it establishes relations on different levels. Connectedness and integration are key words in this respect. Hence, with every commission, attention goes out not only to the conditions and functional demands, but also to immaterial aspects, which are less easy to nail down, e.g. the location's history or the organization's identity. These diverse influences are incorporated in a clear design, meaningful in its complexity, and lasting in appeal.

There's a marked signature, visible at all levels: from a sensibility towards the materials used, to the careful mating of a design with its surroundings. Our handwriting shows up in clean lines and a strong feeling for detail, rhythm and proportion. Resulting in well-considered designs with a crisp, down-to-earth feeling to them.

Our commissions come from organizations, corporations, and private individuals. The work is done in close collaboration. Projects range from interior decoration worries and expositions, to complex issues - like the laying down of a new museum within a Grade 1 listed building, or the analysis and complete redesign of a museum in a metropolitan environment. Soda works in partnership. Depending on the project, a dedicated team of companies and professionals, each with their own specific skills, is assembled. This enables us to cover the entire course: from analysis, project brief and design, to construction management.