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Museum Ostwall: renovation and exhibition

After renovating the Museum Ostwall (located in the Dortmunder U), Soda designed the exhibition 'Body & Soul' for the Museum Ostwall. This exhibition is based on the collection of the museum and is on show for two years:

Exhibition 'Body & Soul, Museum Ostwall, 2020-2022
What is our body made of? What does it need to exist? How do we perceive our bodies and those of others? And what about our soul life? What do we love and fear? What do we believe in? Questions like these are explored in the collection presentation of the Museum Ostwall entitled 'Body & Soul. Thinking, feeling, brushing your teeth'. With modern and contemporary artworks the exhibition examines our body and our relationship to food, clothing, physical motion and mortality. Expressionist paintings show inner experiences; other works confront us with our fears, our desires and also our attitude towards spirituality. Visitors are also challenged to get active themselves: Wolf Vostell's installation 'Umgraben' invites us to search our soul for the repressed, Michael Landy's 'Donation Box' humorously reflects our longing for redemption, and in Bill Seaman's video installation 'Exchange Fields' our body interacts with that of a dancer. Finally, the so-called 'Flux Inn' offers space for creativity and relaxation and a new KunstAktionsRaum provides the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops. Curator: Dr. Nicole Grothe.