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Soda consults and designs. For us, a design is successful when all essential aspects defining a building, space or exhibition, are joined in an uncontrived manner. By putting to use existing valuable features, we balance the old and the new in our designs. This results in surroundings which are appreciated as being coherent and self-evident.

The projects that Soda works on, range from expositions and interiors to consulting and complex architectural assignments: from exhibiting the collection of Museum Ostwall (Dortmund) to redeveloping a museum in an urban environment (Central Museum Utrecht). Durability is part and parcel of our method. Not only technically and environmentally, but also through realizing designs that are strong in quality and therefore will last in time.

Some institutions Soda worked/works for:
Afrika Museum Berg en Dal
Beeld & Geluid Hilversum 
Central Museum Utrecht
The City of Utrecht
Dortmunder U
Dutch Open Air Museum
Miffy Museum
MOA (Museum Oud Amelisweerd)
Municipal Museum Schiedam
Museum Arnhem
Museum Gouda
Museum fur Kunst und Kulrgeschichte (Dortmund)
Museum Ostwall (Dortmund)
Rijksmuseum Boerhaave
Rijnstate Hospital
Textiel Museum
Zaans Museum
and various private customers.