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Municipal Museum SchiedamOn the 14th of May 2022, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam reopened. Soda was responsible for the renovation and redesign. Exhibition halls, circulation areas and visitor spaces were renewed and adapted to museum requirements within the possibilities of the building being a national monument. Miffy MuseumSoda is currently working on the new expansion of the Miffy Museum (Utrecht). In 2016, Soda completed the transformation of the Dick Bruna House into the Miffy Museum. The Miffy Museum subsequently became such an enormous success in terms of visitor numbers that Soda is currently working on a new expansion in order to make the museum well equipped to accommodate the huge number of visitors. Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Soda was recently asked to develop the scenography and the design for a new fine arts exhibition opening March 2023 at the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (MKK) in Dortmund. Dortmunder U Since 2017, Soda has been working on various assignments for the 'Dortmunder U'. This former brewery houses several cultural institutions including the Museum Ostwall. Soda examined how the identity of the Dortmunder U as a whole could be strengthened: from the central entry hall to the high, open escalator space. In addition Soda renovated the joint exhibition space on the sixth floor (1,200 m2) and the two floors of the Museum Ostwall. Museum OstwallAfter renovating the Museum Ostwall as well as the joint exhibition space of the Dortmunder U, Soda designs several exhibitions for the museum, including the exhibition 'Flowers! which opened in April 2022. Soda is currently designing the next collection exhibition, 'Re-reading MO', which will open May 2023.Open Air Museum > Craft WorkshopSoda was commissioned to transform the former entrance building into a multifunctional space where visitors can learn about crafts by experimenting with them first hand. This craft workshop was officially opened in April 2022.​​​​​​​Dutch Open Air Museum Soda designed in 2021 the exhibition 'Makers in the Picture' for the Dutch Open Air Museum in which contemporary craftsmen are in focus. Centraal Museum > redesign Soda successfully carried out the redesign - including research and concept - of the Centraal Museum Utrecht (design by Soda+). The Centraal Museum was nominated in 2018 for the EMYA, the European Museum of the Year Award. Important elements were the connection of the building to the city, the integration into the environment, the visitor routing, multifunctional spaces, the entrance/shopping area, the catering and the garden.Centraal Museum > hospitalityIn anticipation of the redesign, Soda designed a museum cafe (2011), a gaderobe (2010) and a temporary entrance and museum shop (2010).Centraal Museum > squareFor the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Soda developed a system whereby façade windows were made suitable for displaying video art. In addition, Soda designed a flexible pedestal for presenting artworks in the Nicolaaskerkhof, including matching seating furniture.Africa MuseumSoda developed in 2019 for the Afrika Museum a preliminary design for the redesign of the entrance area, ticket office, cloakroom, shop, café and the adjacent exhibition spaces. Furthermore, Soda renovated several exhibition rooms situated in the oldest part of the museum. Museum Oud AmelisweerdIn 2016 the 'EU Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards' in the category ‘Outstanding achievements in the conservation, enhancement and adaptation to new uses of cultural heritage’ was awarded to Museum Oud Amelisweerd. The jury praised the outstanding conservational and museological aspects of the project all through. Soda and restoration architect Krijn van den Ende (BBOR) took the monumental building itself as a starting point for all their ideas and interventions. MOAAfter transforming the national monument Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd into a museum (MOA), Soda developed together with the management a concept for the museum and an exhibition idiom. In a sober style that supported the dialogue between the monument and the exhibited art, a family of carriers and a system for the use of text were developed.Rijksmuseum Boerhaave For the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave in Leiden, Soda designed the entrance-area, the shop, the cafe and third-party spaces. The museum reopened in December 2017.Museum ArnhemSoda designed the museum cafe (2007) and the entrance & museum shop (2008) for the Museum Arnhem.Kilsdonk MillIn 2010 SODA+ won the competition to design a new visitor centre and a miller's house for the Kilsdonk Mill. For both buildings, a maximum relation was sought with the surrounding landscape, the history of the location and the identity of the organisation/residents. Sustainability was another important feature. This approach by Soda+ was one of the reasons why the Kilsdonk Mill Foundation won the Brabant Culture Prize.Rijnstate Hospital, Velp eye clinicSoda was asked in 2008 to design the interior of the public area (the entrance, waiting rooms and corridors) of the eye clinic in Rijnstate Hospital (Velp).