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Escher Museum: advice
There is a desire in The Hague to create a new Escher Museum. The existing museum, 'Escher in Het Paleis', has reached the limits of its growth at its current location, with about 190,000 visitors a year, 58% of whom are foreign. The idea is to locate a new museum in the former American Embassy, an iconic design by Marcel Breuer. Soda has been asked by the Escher Collection Foundation and the Art Museum to advise on the conceptualisation and on the defining of the qualitative goals.

The famous work of M.C. Escher offers the opportunity to create a museum on the site that appeals to both a broad and international audience. Moreover, the intriguing national monument will be endowed with a new life and a currently less dynamic part of the city centre will be revitalised. In short, a new Escher Museum offers many opportunities to strengthen the city culturally, socially, economically and from an urban architectural point of view.


Photo: American Embassy by Breuer, photo by Jan Versnel/MAI