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Singer LarenThe 12th of September the exhibition LA GRANDE BLEUE opened at Singer Laren. Soda provided the design for it. LA GRANDE BLEUE tells the story of the great longing for the intense blue of the Mediterranean. Since 1870, the Mediterranean has had a strong attraction for artists. Here they found themselves in an earthly paradise, exploring new artistic paths in relative isolation.Museum Ostwall > exhibitionsAfter Soda renovated the Museum Ostwall - located in the Dortmunder U (DU) - as well as the joint exhibition space of the DU, Soda designed (and is designing) several exhibitions for the museum, including 'Flowers!' (opening April 2022) and the new collection exhibition, 'Kunst -> Leben -> Kunst', which opened on the 30th of April this year.Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte > exhibitionSoda made the design for the new collection exhibition ('REMIX') for the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Dortmund) which opened the 23th of February. ​​​​​​​Dutch Open Air Museum Soda designed in 2021 the exhibition 'Makers in the Picture' for the Dutch Open Air Museum in which contemporary craftsmen are in focus. MOAAfter transforming the national monument 'Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd' into a museum ('MOA'), Soda developed together with the management a concept for the museum and an exhibition idiom. In a sober style that enhanced the dialogue between the monument and the exhibited art, a family of carriers (like pedestals) and a system for the use of texts were developed.