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Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Dortmund)
Soda made the design for the new collection exhibition - titled 'REMIX' -  for the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Dortmund) which opened the 23th of February 2023  

The MKK has a wide ranging collection that stretches from the prehistory to the 20th century. 'REMIX' features over 100 works from the MKK collection, covering a period of 800 years (1120-1920) of Western European art, especially German, including works by Conrad von Soest, Peter Paul Rubens, Caspar David Friedrich, Constantin Meunier, Anselm Feuerbach and Lovis Corinth.

The museum wished for an exhibition with the atmosphere of a classic 'galleria' in which there would also be the opportunity to tell the many stories associated with the works, but without lapsing into long texts on the walls. With curator Christian Walda (and working closely with Caro Delsing), Soda arranged all the works within three chapters: Christian art, Baroque/neoclassicism and 19th century. Soda subsequently designed the floor plan, a colour concept and a lighting plan. 

The interaction between floor plan, colour and light supports the underlying narrative and enhances the experience of the works. As an example, underneath one can see a detail of a group of Jugendstil sculptures. Soda placed this group against a wallpaper by William Morris. Combined with the lighting, the atmosphere of an earthly paradise is evoked.


Esther Noyons was responsible for the graphic design of 'REMIX'. The picture below shows how she contextualised the title of the exhibition: she deconstructed the MKK's logo and then turned the outlines into a new composition.


Photo 1: Georg Wbra, 'Diana', 1899
Photo 2: graphic design by Esther Noyons
Photo 3: Balthasar Denner, portret van een oude vrouw, ca.1750 (©MKK, foto Madeleine-Annette Albrecht)
Photo on the left: A. Feuerbach, Othello, 1871 (©MKK, Madeleine-Annette Albrecht)