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Netherlands' Photo Museum
Soda has been invited to make a design regarding a new routing, entrance and various traffic areas in the Netherlands' Photo Museum in Rotterdam. This is motivated by the need to improve the visitor experience and the usage of the entrance area, including the passages to various spaces. Visitor related functions such as the cloakroom, shop, ticket office and introductory room will be included.

The Netherlands' Photo Museum preserves 175 archives. Together, these include 5.6 million negatives plus a large number of slides, prints and documents on the life and work of Dutch photographers such as Ed van der Elsken, Piet Zwart and Ata Kandó. The museum also collects amateur photography and manages archives like the archive of Hein Wertheimer, the founder of the museum. Thanks to the huge diversity of subjects, genres and applications, the collection consequently covers not only the history of Dutch photography, but also more than a century of Dutch history in photographs.


Photo: Las Palmas, Rotterdam (2016) © Studio Hans Wilschut / Netherlands' Photo Museum