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Advice Textile Museum

The Textile Museum (Tilburg) has ambitious plans to renovate. The motivation for this is that the museum building no longer meets the needs of the museum visitors and the creators of today and tomorrow. Mecanoo and engineering firm ABT are asked for a design study regarding the redevelopment of the Textile Museum and its surroundings. 

Soda has been invited to give preliminary advice as to how the core triangle 'TextielMuseum-TextielLab-education' may optimally take shape in a new context. To this end Soda is developing a vision document, together with the Textile Museum, which zooms in on functional, logistical and content-related opportunities. The vision document will be part of the programme of requirements for the design study by Mecanoo architects and ABT engineering firm.

The neighbouring Dröge building is also interesting and offers opportunities for collaborations with education etc. Together with an inviting shop, catering facilities and an outdoor area, a place will be created that links the historical context of the site to the role of textiles in the past, present and future. A place where everyone - young and old, professional makers and visitors - can discover, create, learn and meet.



Foto: Chiharu Shiota, Me somewhere else, 2018