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Dortmunder U

Since 2017, Soda has been working on various assignments for the Dortmunder U (DU). This former brewery houses several cultural institutions including the Museum Ostwall.
Soda examined how, including the diversity of institutions, the identity of the Dortmunder U as a whole could be strengthened: from the central entry hall to the high, open escalator space (the 'Vertikale'). In addition to this advice, Soda renovated the joint exhibition space on the sixth floor - the so-called 'Oberlichtsaal' (1,200 m2) - and the two floors of the Museum Ostwall. 

The DU is a landmark building. It towers over Dortmund and its sheer size is overwhelming inside as well. Soda's main goal was to reinstall the human scale in the spaces. By detaching the architecture from the exhibition spaces, Soda rendered the building's construction visible again. This resulted in the building becoming more legible and an improved orientation. More intimacy is achieved by lowering walls and by defining spaces in alternative ways: for example, by creating units through the use of colour, rugs or furniture. In addition, the expression of the furniture is softened - by rounding, upholstery and colour - and the lighting adjusted. The result of these interventions is that the 'Oberlichtsaal' and the museum literally 'landed' in the building. Finally, large prints and a pronounced use of colour on each floor in the 'Vertikale' should improve the orientation and ensure that the uniform exterior of the institutions gives way to a clear identity.