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Dortmunder U
Since 2017, Soda has been working on various assignments for the Dortmunder U (DU). With Ruhr2010 as a new start, this former brewery - a landmark building - houses several cultural institutions, including the Museum Ostwall.

Soda examined in 2017 how, while including the diversity of institutions, the identity of the Dortmunder U as a whole could be strengthened: from the central entrance hall to the high, open escalator house (the so called 'Vertikale'). An important intervention is that on Soda's advice, all escalators have been rotated so that since then one always arrives at the entrance of the institutions. Large prints and a distinct use of colour on each floor in the 'Vertikale' should furthermore contribute to an even better orientation and ensure that the uniform exterior of the institutions gives way to a clear identity.

For the new collection exhibition 'Kunst->Leben->Kunst' Soda extended colours from the design to the 'Vertikale'. By doing so, an eye-catcher has been created that immediately shows visitors the way to the museum on the fourth and fifth floors from the lift and the escalators. The photos below show part of the 'Vertikale'. The blow-up is a photograph chosen from the collection. It has a rhythm which is repeated in the lanes on the wall.