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Miffy Museum
On the 21th of June the renewed nijntje museum (Utrecht) will open. Soda was responsible for the design. Earlier, in 2016, Soda completed the transformation of the Dick Bruna House into the Miffy Museum (see also 'Advice'). The Miffy Museum subsequently became such a enormous success in terms of visitor numbers that Soda was asked to design both an extension and a redesign of the existing museum.The new extension - almost 900 m2 - is located at the rear of the listed building in which the museum is located. This will not only provide the museum with a new theatre hall, catering facilities and extra exhibition spaces, but also many extra facilities such as toilets, a cloakroom, stimulus-free spaces and more attention for children with disabilities. Upon completion the museum is ready to welcome large numbers of visitors. 


Both parts of the museum, old and new, are connected by a transparant corridor. In this glass passage the monumental facade is visible.




The time lapse shows part of the work that was carried out to build the rear extension. It shows a three-quarter-year period starting with the completion of the foundation and ending with the removal of the scaffolding.

Time lapse makers:
The other images are renderings.