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Zaans Museum
Soda is currently carrying out investigative designs for the Zaans Museum. These are due to the repositioning of the museum in relation to the adjacent Zaanse Schans, and the sustainability and renovation of the building. The visitor facilities will also be redefined. 

The Zaanse Schans is one of Western Europe's oldest industrial areas: inhabitants created here centuries ago on uninhabitable peatland an important living and working area. The experience of the surrounding landscape and its unique history will be central in Soda's design. The aim is that on arrival, visitors immediately get a strong impression of this special place. 

Visitors are more and more finding their way to the Zaans Museum. Opened in 1998 on the Zaanse Schans, the museum introduces visitors to the cultural history of the Zaan region: one of the oldest industrial areas in Western Europe. Back then, the inhabitants of the region created an important living and working area on uninhabitable peat land. For centuries, the Zaanstreek is a hub of international trade and industry. The region's influence on the world and vice versa is still significant and thus continues to be relevant.


Photo: Zaans Museum