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Afrika Museum, 2019
Soda developed in 2019 for the Afrika Museum (Berg en Dal) a preliminary design for the entrance area, ticket office, cloakroom, shop, café and the adjacent exhibition spaces. Furthermore, Soda also renovated several exhibition halls in the oldest part of the museum, preparing them for klimate control and renovating the walls, floors, ceilings and technology.

Earlier in the process, Soda conducted a feasibility study and a directional design process with the purpose of improving the climate and the hospitality functionality. The research concerning the redesign of the grounds and museum layout was realised in collaboration with landscape architect Peter van Baaren.

The impetus was the desire of the Afrika Museum to develop solutions for a fully functioning hospitality area, and improving the entrance area including the museum shop. Also, the museum was keen to enhance the connection between the museum building and the immediately adjacent outdoor museum.

Soda recommended to enlarge the entrance building towards the rear, facing the outdoor museum. This would create more space for the catering, entrance, shop, cloakroom and sanitary facilities. Connecting these fragmented parts generates mutual enhancement and a sense of unity. This unity ensures a clear routing and strong visitor experience. New sight lines to the outside further reinforce this and create a connection with the outdoor museum. In the advice, Soda underlined the museum's special location. In collaboration with Peter van Baaren, it was recommended that the qualities of the surrounding moraine landscape should be used to their maximum.

Since 2014, the Afrika Museum has been merged with the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. Together, they form the National Museum of World Cultures.

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