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Centraal Museum Utrecht, 2010-2013

Museum Café, 2011
Pending the total restructuration of the then entrance building into the 2016 museum café, a temporary café was designed. The available Rietveld replica chairs received a polyurea coating. Since the CMU's new policy is to only show originals in the museum, a reinterpretation was justified.

credits: interiorbuilder / Speltuig, metalwork / Helldorfer, Technische dienst CMU, photography / Rein van der Zee


Cloakroom, 2010

Soda desgined a temporary cloak room in the entrance building. The interior design proposed to set the industrial feel of the space off against the lockers. Although the lockers continue to refer to the architecture through their finish, they were been made special in several aspects. Most importantly, some lockers were replaced by showcases exhibiting items from the fashion and costume collections. Thus the deposition of personal items was linked to the museum's items. A photograph on the wall is by Joke Robaard.


Entrance and museum shop, 2010
Soda designed a temporary but fully functioning entrance and museum shop, with better routing, exhibition facilities, use of space, furniture and storage. Installing a 9 meter long stainless steel counter behind the stairs, created room for handling large numbers of visitors. With a view to using the space as a museum café in two years time, the counter's body was flexibly designed for later use as a bar. Displays and cupboards were incorporated in the building's design as much as possible, to keep them modest and transparent.

credits: metalwork / Lasbedrijf Helldorfer, interior builder / Speltuig, photography / Rein van der Zee