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Municipal Museum Schiedam, 2018-2022

On the 14th of May 2022, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam reopened. Soda was responsible for the renovation and redesign of the museum. Exhibition halls, circulation areas and visitor spaces were renewed and adapted to museum requirements within the possibilities of the building being a national monument. Prior to this reopening, Soda carried out several assignments for the museum.
(photo above:Zoro Feigl, Zwermen, 2020)

In 2018, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam approached Soda to conduct an investigation into the many problems that existed with the museum, the building- and visitor functions in the listed building in which the museum is housed. Together with Bordewijk/De Adviseurs, Soda started an investigation into the museum's functionality and developed proposals for improving it (in collaboration with the municipality of Schiedam). Key components of the study included improving sustainability, climate control, security, transport and visitor experience.

Implementation of the proposed measures and solutions started in 2019. As a result of the renovation, among other things, the museum climate, the museum lighting system and the room acoustics were brought up to the highest (sustainability) standards. The stairwells and lifts have also been renewed. Not only has this considerably increased the possibilities for vertical transport of art, it has also improved the visitor orientation and restored the visual relationship with the surroundings and the museum square. Thanks to the renovation, the previously 'orphaned' basement area now accommodates several new exhibition spaces and an education studio. The result is a museum that is once again able to function fully and completely in the present day.


The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a museum for modern and contemporary Dutch visual arts, with a large collection of works by artists from the Cobra movement, among others. In addition, the museum houses a cultural-historical collection. The Museum was founded in 1899 and has been located since 1940 in the listed building Sint Jacobs Gasthuis (1787).

Advising and executing partners renovation:
Rutger Zwanepol van Energetica Advies, Ingenieursbureau Physitec, STEAD Advisory, Stevens Van Dijck, Beersnielsen Lichtontwerpers, BURGY Bouwbedrijf, Kuijpers, Metz Nederland B.V., Stigho Electr o bv, ITN Installatietechniek Toornend en partners.